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Kenswick and Wichenford Parish Council




Kenswick lies across the main road from Worcester to Martley between Lower Broadheath and Wichenford. A land unit in its own right, it comprises The Manor, The Kedges, Kenswick Mill and barns (formerly in Hallow) and the more modern houses at Pig Bridge. Recently the former Manor of Woodhall was transferred from Hallow to Kenswick.

The confluence of the two local streams, Laugherne Brook and Fitcher Brook, lies just to the north-east of the Manor.

Described in many books as a ‘deserted medieval village’, there is actually no evidence on the ground or in the archives that would support this assumption. Although odd and unusual, its main historical interest is that it has kept its identity over the centuries despite only having two original properties – The Manor and The Kedges.


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The parish of Wichenford is spread over a large area with north and south sections that meet at Laugherne Hill. Its heart is centered round the church dedicated to St Laurence, its former vicarage, Wichenford Court and the Memorial Hall. In the 1950s the Queen’s Estate development created a new village centre, which has since been filled out with a number of new houses and bungalows. Unfortunately over recent years we have lost the bakery, the shop and the post office. The old 19th century village school has been converted into two houses and the Nora Parsons Day Centre.

In 2000 to celebrate the Millennium the old recreation ground was refurbished as a Millennium Green; it offers a safe play area, an off-road cycle area and an exercise area. Perhaps its use as a dog walk - free from traffic - is its greatest draw!

There are a number of farms which are known to have medieval origins: Lingens, Peghouse, Hucks, Woodend, Cobhouse, Bury End Town, Abingdon’s, Colketts, Voyce Place, Ridgend, Cockshut, Ruggs Place, Birchend. Some even still have the remains of moats that once encircled them.

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