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Parish councils are statutory bodies. Members are elected for a term of four years and councils are funded principally by an annual precept. Income and expenditure for the next financial year are calculated in the form of estimates. The net amount (the precept) is added to council tax, collected by the county, borough or district council (principal authorities) and paid to parishes in two six-monthly instalments.

Parish and town councils can apply for other funding such as grant and funding awards, but they do not receive funds direct from central government, as principal authorities do.


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Mrs G. Britten-Long
Mrs G. Britten-Long Chair of Kenswick and Wichenford Representative of Kenswick Millenium Green Trustee Wichenford Nursing Association Trustee Britten Charity Memorial Hall Representative ...
Mrs J. Roberts
Mrs J. Roberts Councillor   3 Abbington Bungalows, Venn Lane, Wichenford, Worcester WR6 6XY  Tel: 07533 192 295 Email: joanne.10.roberts@btinternet.com  
Mr T. Ohlson  
Mr Tim Ohlson Snow / Flood Warden   Meadow View, Wichenford, Worcester WR6 6YY  Tel:  Email:   timohlson85@hotmail.com  
Mrs H. Chapman
Mrs Helen Chapman Councillor Whitegates, Guuises Lane, Wichenford, Worcester WR6 6YY Tel: 01886 889 029 Email: helchapman@btinternet.com  
Mrs J. Panton
Mrs J. Panton Councillor Ridgeway, Venn Lane, Wichenford, Worcester WR6 6XY Tel: 01886 888 553 Email: jan.panton@yahoo.co.uk  
Mrs H. Rendall
Mrs H. Rendall Representative of Wichenford 100 Club Organiser Millennium Green Trustee Chair of WLHG  Tree warden Footpath Warden   The New House, Kings Green, Wichenford, ...
Mr P. Belham
Mr Peter Belham Councillor   4 Malvern View, Wichenford, Worcester WR6 6YY Tel:  01886 889 111 Email:   peterpcbelham@gmail.com  
Mrs J. Faiers
Mrs Jane Faiers Councillor    Meadow Cottage, Wichenford, Worcester WR6 6YY Tel: 01886 888 526 Email: janefaiers@gmail.com  

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