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Map of Kenswick and Wichenford

Beware! Parish names are no longer necessarily part of official addresses! 

Strange, but true. Houses in the southern part of Wichenford have lost its name as part of their address. Instead they will have a neighbouring parish name: for example:

If you live to the west of Boxley Corner, then your postcode gives you a Martley address.
If you live along Ankerdine Road then the address is Broadwas: at the eastern end it becomes Sledgemoor, Broadwas. Along Woodend Lane between Boxley Corner and Tinkers Cross, if your house lies to the west of the road, then your address is Broadwas.

But do not be deceived! Check with this map. If your house lies within the boundaries of Wichenford, then you are in Wichenford and your parish council is Kenswick and Wichenford and, if you need advice or help, please   contact us >>   and not the parish named in your official address.

If this causes problems for you, please contact